Christina Tung

Drip Mountain

Ceramics 5cm(H) x 12cm(W) 2010

Whirling Jasper

Ceramics 5cm(H) x 15cm(W) 2010

Rolling Hills

Ceramics 6cm(H) x 10cm(W) 2010

Bird Songs

Ceramics 8cm(H) x 16cm(W) 2010

Elegant Melt

Ceramics 8cm(H) x 10cm(W) 2011

Pine Series (1)

Ceramics 9cm(H) x 13cm(W) 2013

Pine Series (2)

Ceramics 10cm(H) x 14cm(W) 2014

Pine Series (3)

Ceramics 11cm(H) x 12cm(W) 2014


Ceramics 10cm(H) x 12cm(W) 2014


Ceramics 11cm(H) x 14cm(W) 2014


Ceramics 9cm(H) x 12cm(W) 2014


Ceramics 11cm(H) x 14cm(W) 2014


Ceramics 11cm(H) x 12cm(W) 2014


Ceramics 9cm(H) x 11cm(W) 2014

Ceramic Tea Set (Cup)

Ceramics 5cm(H) x 7cm(W) 2012

Ceramic Tea Set (Teapot)

Ceramics 20cm(H) x 20cm(W) 2012

Born in Hong Kong with ancestral origin in Tianjin.

 Christina was an undaunting risk-taker in the financial world, riding high in the dazzling money world. However, she met her Waterloo in a financial tsunami. Fortunately, she found her resurrection in the artroom by creating her own artwork and developing her artistic potential. She was transformed from the practical, materialistic world into the priceless artistic universe. Therefore, she believed in art therapy.

 Calligraphy and ink painting - Christina was a student of two renowned contemporary ink painting masters, Lam Tian Xing and Lam Wu Fui. Absorbing the essence of Chinese painting and exercising her adventurous spirit, Christina managed to step out of the conventional framework and establish her own innovative style in the local art field - which gained her the acclaim of art connoseurs. In the diverse field of calligraphy, landscape painting and lotus flower painting, what she likes best is painting parrots which she regards as the symbol of intelligence. By a few stokes of the paint brush, she is able to capture the colourful and delightful beauty of the parrot.

 Apart from Chinese painting, she also indulges herself in pottery. Her creation was inspired by her pupilage with Cao King, the renowned pottery expert of Hong Kong Art Centre. Her pottery works have an ancient look. Recently, she created a collection of Japanese teapots, using pine as the theme. The elegant and unconventional use of colour gives this collection a tough, ancient Japanese look.

 Today Christina straddles the investment and artistic fields. She feels that money and art complement each other and both are her playgrounds in risk-taking. Christina said. “ I love art creation. From it I find spiritual outlet to unleash my overflowing inspiration.   Investment gives me steady income to support my artistic creations, hold exhibitions and pursue priceless, endless artistic achievements.

Christina Tung Wai was invited by Made in Hong Kong to host an internet TV programme named “Beauty of Arts” in April, 2016. The aim of this programme is to promote art to public.  The content includes art collection introduction, art therapy findings and Art Masters interview.  Such rare art programe being so informative and professional  is highly appreciated by different sectors.


Christina’s artistic path 

March 2010

Start pupilage with renowned pottery master Cao King

January 2011

On the recommendation of her mentor, participate for the first time in Cao King’s personal pottery exhibition in Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre,

August 2011

Start pupilage with renowned ink painter and chairman of Hong Kong Arts Exchange Association Lam Tian Xing


Invited to join the art show of “Hong Kong 4D colour-ink Art Society”


Invited to join the art show of “Shine Art Association”

January 2013

Invited to participate in the “Flowerinfog” Joint Exhibition organized by “Shine Art Association”, held for the first time in Hong Kong Central Library

October 2013

Invited to participate in the first “Hong Kong Fu Tien Joint Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition – Mangrove Hong Kong” held in Fu Tien of Shenzhen

October 2013

Participate in Mr Lam Tian Xing’s Joint Teacher-Student Exhibition of Colour Ink Paintings held in Hong Kong City Hall, an in-depth experience-sharing occasion with other students and art-lovers

December 2014

Participate in a joint exhibition with" Shine Art Association", showing ink painting as well as pottery works

May- July 2015

Invited to participate in Cheer Bell Gallery "Chinese Contemporary 'Shui Mo' Painting Joint Exhibition"

June 2015

Invited to participate in a joint Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition organised by China an the World Culture of Hong Kong

September 2015

Invited to participate in The 2015 Incheon Global Cities Arts Exchange Grand Festival organized by Incheon Metropolitan City Arts Association

October 2015

Start pupilage with Lingnan master Lam Wu Fui.

November 2015

Invited to participate in Fusion Extravaganza Joint Exhibition by The 4-D Art Club.

April-July 2016

Invited by Made in Hong Kong to host Beauty of Arts, a programme introducing masterpieces to audiences.

January 2017

Participate in Shine Art Association joint exhibition 《畫出心弦》, the artworks are exhibited in Hong Kong Central Library.

September 2017

Invited to participate in Joint Exhibition of Female Artists from Shenzhen, Hong Kong & Macau by Shenzhen Female Artist Association.

November 2017

Participate in Splashing Colours from our Hearts Joint Exhibition by The 4-D Art Club.

January 2018

Supported the performance of “Swan Lake by Saint Petersburg Theatre Russian Ballet” organized by China Ethnic & Folk Culture and Arts Exchange Association (HK). Artwork showcased in The Hong Kong Cultural Centre.