Chan Shing Kau

Chan Shing Kau graduated from the Department of Art of Grantham College of Education, the Chinese Faculty of the Hong Kong Baptist University and finished a diploma course in modern ink painting at the Extramural Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He studied modern Chinese ink painting under Professor Liu Kuo-sung and Chinese Calligraphy, Seal Carving under Professor Ma Kwok Kuen. He is member of the China Artists Association, the International Chinese Ink Painting Association, Chairman of the Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society, Vice-chairman of the Chinese Chen Clan Association of Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings, Consultant of the Contemporary Innovative Ink Painting Association, Visiting Professor of the Sheng Da College, Part-time Instructor of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Adjudicator of the Ink Global 2017.

Chan has held 15 self-exhibitions and hundreds of joint exhibitions in Hong Kong, China and Overseas.