Our Services

Our collection management is tailored to meet specific needs and diversified interests for private and corporate collections.  With professionalism and expertise, we present unique aspects and also analyse and forecast the new art trends, identifying upcoming talents.  The ultimate objective is to assist our clients to maintain and enhance the investment and cultural values of a prestigious art collection.


Through our extensive network of professionals with complementary experience and skills, we offer analysis and advice in acquiring modern masterpieces and works by well-established contemporary artists accessible.  We assist both corporate and private clients to develop a collection of art by advising on aesthetic value as well as investment possibilities.  With connections of distinctive art organisations, we participate in educational and curatorial programmes, encouraging corporate interaction with the international art world.


With a wide range of support for post-purchase solutions, we can make available some of the finest restoration and conservation specialists, comprehensive shipping services, secured storage solutions, advanced cataloguing inventory managements, prestige framing selections and professional art installation assistance.