Brenda Hong

Brenda Hong was born in Hong Kong and she graduated from Hong Kong Lingnan University, Department of Fine Arts of Grantham College of Education, First Institute of Art and Design, Modern Ink Painting programme of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She also attended the “Contemporary Ink Artists Summit Program” at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art under the guidance of Liu Kuo-sung, Father of Modern Ink Painting. Brenda is now the Vice-President of Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society, The Founding and Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Contemporary Innovative Ink Painting Association, Chairman of Hong Kong New Ink, member of Free Style Landscape Painting Association and Creative Director of Ornate Collections. From graphic design to floral design, she has always been keeping her own audacious style. When it comes to pure art, she returns to the fundamentals and nature. She expresses the message of “difference in harmony” with contrasting colours, natural texture, deliberated texture as well as the visionary and the real.


2020 “Let's bond again”Joint Exhibition, Cheer Bell Gallery, Hong Kong
2020 The 10th Contemporary Innovative Ink Painting Association Annual Exhibition 2020, Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong
2020 “Hua Shuo” - One Work, One Story Joint Art Exhibition, Gao Jianfu Memorial Hall, Guangdong, China
2020 France-Chine Art-Expo, Online Exhibition
2020 Ink vs. Parfum, La Place Art et Parfum, Paris, France
2020 Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l’Eau 2020, Grand Palais, Paris, France
2020 Celebrating Macau’s 20th Anniversary - Hong Kong Macau Joint Exhibition, Star River, Windsor Arch, Macau
2019 “Perception”, New Concept in Contemporary Ink Art by Brenda Hong and Anthony Yim, Cheer Bell Gallery, Hong Kong
2019 Hong Kong Artists Association Art Creation - Zhuhai Exhibition, Guyuan Museum of Art, Zhuhai, China
2019 “Contemporary Ink Artists Summit Program” Exhibition, Shanghai, China
2019 Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society Joint Exhibition, Taitung, Taiwan
2019 “Mo Shang Wen Bo”, Lijia Creativity Cultural Industrial Park, Shenzhen, China
2019 Hongkong Modern Ink Painting Taipei Invitational Exhibition, National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
2018 The Panorama of Hong Kong Contemporary Ink Painting 2018, Hong Kong Public Libraries, Hong Kong
2018 “10 Years at JCCAC” Exhibition, The Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong
2017 Ink Global, Hong Kong
2017 Celebrating Hong Kong’s 20th Anniversary - Hong Kong Macau Joint Exhibition, Hong Kong
2017 “INK DYNAMICS” ink painting exhibition, Hong Kong 
2016 Ink Asia, Hong Kong
2010-2019 The Exhibition of Contemporary Innovative Ink Painting Association, Hong Kong
2013-2019 Hong Kong Modern Painting Society Exhibition, Hong Kong
2012-2017 Hong Kong Art World Celebrating the 62-67 Anniversary National Day Exhibition, Hong Kong
2015 Hong Kong, Shanghai & Macau “Shared Value” Exhibition of Chinese Modern Ink Paintings, Hong Kong
2015 “The Unrestrained” Modern Chinese Ink Paintings Exhibition, Hong Kong
2015 Infinite Love - The 1st Hong Kong International Female Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
2015 Mental Imagery - Joint Exhibition of Hong Kong Modern Ink Paintings, Hong Kong
2014 Tipsy Lotus - Brenda Hong Modern Ink Painting Solo Exhibition at Lingnan University, Hong Kong
2014 Tipsy Lotus Chorus - Brenda Hong Modern Ink Painting Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong
2014 Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau “Shared Value” Exhibition of Chinese Ink Paintings, Shanghai
2013 Hong Kong and Shanghai Modern Ink Paintings Exchange Exhibition, Hong Kong
2012 The 4th Taipei Contemporary Ink Biennale, Taipei


Invitational Exhibition of Famous Artists & Calligraphers At Home And Abroad - Light of Overseas Chinese Art Award
Sixth Guilin ‧ St. Paul CMB Famous Paintings Exchange Exhibition - Silver Award


Publications and Cultural Activities
Hosted various of art talks & seminars, interviewed by related radio shows. Published painting albums “Tipsy Lotus – Brenda Hong, Modern Chinese Ink Painting”. Works are now in the collections of museums, universities, public & private organizations both in Hong Kong and overseas countries.