Salvador Dalí

​​The life of Salvador Dalí and his artworks are dramatic and dreamy. In his surrealistic world everything was created from his boundless imagination. Dalí was unquestionably one of the greatest artists of our time. His profound surrealist vision and artistic talent produced memorable artworks which nowadays are usually seen only in prestigious museums. Dali's manner and his creative style of revealing the gap between reality and illusion influenced all manner of modern artists. Beyond developing his own symbolic language, Dali elaborated a way to represent the inner mind. His works remain highly contemporary and his influence on art development is far-reaching.  



TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Hong Kong, April 19 2016  
Regarding the statements of clarification published on April 14 2016 by the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí (“the Foundation”) on its website accessible at the address with reference to the exhibition “Into the Surreal World of Dalí” at CheerBell Gallery in Hong Kong from April 18 to May 7, 2016,  IAR and the CheerBell Gallery hereby release the following statements: 
 the exhibition is organized in collaboration between IAR Art Resources Ltd. and CheerBell Gallery. IAR Art Resources is a worldwide leading company specialized in organising Salvador Dali’s exhibitions all over the world for more than 25 years.  IAR is also the editor of 29 Dali’s sculptures and the holder of one of the most important and renowned collection of Salvador Dali’s artworks.   
 In organizing and promoting the exhibition “Into the Surreal World of Dalí” at CheerBell Gallery, neither IAR nor the CheerBell Gallery have released any statement so to imply that the Foundation would have promoted, approved or in any other way supported the exhibition. In fact, the exhibition is organized independently by an entity which has legitimately acquired the copyrights to certain Dali’s artworks directly from Dalí and his secretaries and has successfully operated in the market for several years.    
 It appears that some journalists has confused the activity of the cultural foundation operating in collaboration with IAR, namely the Stratton Foundation for the Cultural Arts, with the name of the Fundació GalaSalvador Dalí. We hereby clarify that there’s no connection between IAR, the Stratton Foundation and the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí. The Stratton Foundation and IAR, being the legitimate holders of a collection and of worldwide copyrights acquired directly from Dalí and his assignees, are proud of being independent entities operating with great success in the Dali world for more than 25 years.   
 We hereby inform the public that the Dalí Sculptures collection has been fully recognized as authentic by the worldwide leading art historians on Dalí, namely Robert and Nicholas Descharnes (former secretaries of Dali and founders of the Descharnes Archive),  Albert Field (former Official Archivist and author of Salvador Dalí, The Official Catalogue of  Graphic Works) A. Reynolds Morse (the Salvador Dalí Foundation – St. Petersburg, Florida) and lately by two recent favourable judicial decisions which have fully recognized both the validity of the chain of rights from Dalí to IAR and the authenticity of the Dalí Sculptures collection. The Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí is not recognized by the art market as having authority on the authentication of the Dali’s sculptures.  
 If needed, IAR will take any legal actions necessary to protect its rights.   
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