Jian (Wang Jianxiao), born in Suzhou, China, is a seasoned Chinese artist with over four decades of experience. Jian is a graduate of the Central Academy of Arts & Design (now the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University) where she majored in lacquer painting. After graduation, she studied lacquer art in Japan for 3 years between 1993 and 1995. From 2003 to 2018, she moved to live abroad in the US and founded Jian Art Studio. The States is also the place where contemporary and abstract traits in Jian’s works emerge. Her works are thus a reflection of her experience of cultural collision and integration between the East and the West.


Jian’s works have been showcased in international art exhibitions in China, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Taiwan, etc. with collectors all over the world.


In her recent works, palette knife became a crucial tool and the carrier of inspiration, of the unique textures formed by repeated strokes and blocks of colours, which in turn show a strong sense of rhythm and movement. Though Jian’s artistic style appears to be abstract, she takes inspiration from ancient Chinese poetry and incorporates in her works figurative elements such as floral shapes and bird patterns that appeared in her dreams, fantasies, or fragments of life. It is essentially a reinterpretation of elements of flowers, water, and clouds in traditional Chinese poetry.


The alternation and overlap between various texture in Jian’s works will surely evoke viewers’ sensation of synesthesia and stir one’s soul, as if an unbridled symphony envisioning a resplendent and kaleidoscopic world with colour as notes and texture as rhythm.


A_Jian 王建曉, Light Wind & Cloud 風輕雲淡, 2021, Oil on Canvas 油彩布本, 70 cm x 70 cm, HK$38,800
Light Wind & Cloud
Oil on Canvas
70 cm x 70 cm
A_Jian 王建曉, Red and Blue 紅與藍, 2000, Oil on Canvas 油彩布本, 40 cm x 50 cm, HK$38,000
Red and Blue
Oil on Canvas
40 cm x 50 cm
A_Jian 王建曉, Green Fat Red Thin 綠肥紅瘦, 2023, Oil on Canvas 油彩布本, 70 cm x 70 cm, HK$38,800
Green Fat Red Thin
Oil on Canvas
70 cm x 70 cm
A_Jian 王建曉, Yuan 緣, 2022, Oil on Canvas 油彩布本, 150 cm x 150 cm, HK$180,000
Oil on Canvas
150 cm x 150 cm
A_Jian 王建曉, Color Circle 色圈, 2019, Oil on Canvas 油彩布本, 70 cm x 70 cm, HK$38,800
Color Circle
Oil on Canvas
70 cm x 70 cm
A_Jian 王建曉, Vivid Colors 繽紛, 2023, Oil on Canvas 油彩布本, 50 cm x 50 cm, HK$35,000
Vivid Colors
Oil on Canvas
50 cm x 50 cm