Niu Zhiye

Niu Zhiye is a professional painter from Beijing and a member of the Beijing Artists Association. His works often show a quiet and empty state. The paintings’ style is tranquil and natural, exploring the inner spirit of artistic conception. He has held numerous solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Yunfeng of Beijing. His series of palace walls has been collected by several embassies in China.


2012“Listening” was selected into “The Famous Painter Beijing Exhibition” and became a collection of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles
2010“Ru Fu Li” was selected into “The Beijing Exhibition of Humanities” at National Art Museum of China
2008“Jin Merchants' Old Events” won an award at "The National Exhibition of Chinese Paintings"
 “The Morning Bell of Jietai Temple” participated in “The Beijing Charm Exhibition”, and became a collection of Beijing Art Academy
2007“The Story of The Long March” won an award at “The Long March 70th Anniversary National Exhibition”
1999“Beijing Hutong” won the Silver Award of “Wang Senran Academic Exhibition” in Japan
 Had an art exhibition in Tokyo
1994“Autumn Full Store” won the “Oriental Award” in “The Oriental Cup Chinese Painting Competition”