Shi Jing

Shi Jing was born in Beijing in 1964. In 1989-1991, he worked for the Chinese Painting Institute. In August of 1994, he held his solo exhibition in Hong Kong. In June of 2002, he had his touring exhibitions in Malaysia and Singapore. He is now professional artist in Beijing.

The subject matters of Shi Jing are pure and simple—young ladies in the serene, tranquil courtyard. It is a secluded, secret world. Shi Jing has studied Chinese courtyard for a long period of time and determined to use this as his subject matters. What distinguished him from others is that he succeeded to give variation and depth to the world his created—the cycle of the four seasons, different kinds of flowers blossomed in the courtyard, the harmony of the female and the nature, etc. The remarkable sensitivity for beauty of the artist is well expressed by his distinctive skills.

Oriental ambiance and a sentiment for the past pervade in the paintings of Shi Jing. He filled his paintings with rich contents, variegated and decorative colors, light and shadow effect, and a sense of joy and happiness. The architectural structure of courtyard such as the tall walls, eaves and window lattice, which give strong sense of form, weight and stillness, form an interesting yet harmonious contrast with the delicate movement and motion of the girls and petals. Shi Jing’s art is after all distinguished, well and widely received.


1988-1991Employed by Traditional Chinese Painting Research Society
August 1994Personal picture exhibition at Collector's Paining Publishing House of Hong Kong
October 1998Beijing Young Artist Invitation Exhibition at Beijing Yan-Huang Museum
June 2002Malaysia, Singapore Personal Tour Exhibition
2004Beijing Artist Invitation Exhibition of Shandong College of Art
April 2007Hong Kong Young Art Communication Exhibition
May 2010Summit Art Space "Gone with No Wind, No Rain" Shi Jing Personal Exhibition