Zhang Xue

Zhang Xue, a female designer, graduated from Peking University’s Master Program. She loves painting since she was a child and has been learning to do so since 1993. She is a student of Niu Zhiye. Her artworks are bright and beautiful, refreshing to the eyes.

In her school days, Zhang was once selected as “The Ten Best Middle School Students in Beijing”. She was admitted to Beihang University on the merit of exceptional grades. She was once a journalist at Beijing Youth Daily and the editor-in-chief of a journalist group at Peking University. 

Zhang’s work has entered “Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition” and won the “Best” prize in “Capital Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition” in 2016. Her piece “The Buddhist Temple after the Snow” won the first prize in the “Founding of The Nation 65th Anniversary Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition” in 2014. She has also won the “Gold Medal of The Century” of “The 6th China-France Paris Peace Art Exhibition” and “Gold Medal” of “The 3rd China-Australia Sydney Peace Art Exhibition”. Her artworks have been exhibited and published in art albums in France, Japan, Italy and various locations in China.