Dalí, Gala & Éluard


《Gala & Éluard》

Meeting Gala was the most important event in the artist's life and decisive for his future career.


《From left: Dalí, Gala, Éluard and his later wife Nusch》

When Salvador Dalí meets Gala, she is a nine year-older woman married to Paul Eluard and the mother of a little girl. In April 1929, Dalí went to Paris to present the film that he had created with Luis Buñuel, and it was there where Camille Goemans, a Belgian poet and gallery owner, introduced Dalí to Paul Eluard. Dalí later invited the couple to spend the summer in Cadaqués. When Dalí met Gala it was love at first sight. Her appearance coincided with the image of an unknown Russian girl, whom Dali used to see in his dreams quite often. And additionally Salvador invented the ideal look of an elegant woman, which he was always looking for. So that all was in Gala, and he decided that Gala was totally his. Dali and Gala, having lived together since 1929, were married in 1934 in a civil ceremony. They later remarried in a Catholic ceremony in 1958.


《The early period of relationship between Dalí and Gala》

Gala served as Dalí's muse through the most productive years of his artistic career. He often signed both his name and hers at the bottom of his paintings, reflecting the strength of their partnership. Gala was a frequent model for her husband, posing for sculptures and paintings including Portrait of Galerina (1945). The two sometimes participated in exhibitions together during the 1930s. Gala also managed the business side of Dalí's artistic career, handling all of the financial transactions associated with the sale of his work.


《Gala illustrated by Dalí》


《Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee》1944

Dalí has transforms Gala into a living icon - his agent and patron. Gala was worshipped and her likeness were recreated in art and sculpture. Dalí immortalised Gala in some of his most important works, her appearance was a revelation for him. He saw in her the imaginary female figure that he has been long waiting for.

Gala’s presence in his life greatly relieved of many mental complication, which allowed him to incorporate other themes into his works later in his career. 


《The mid term of relationship between Dalí and Gala》


《The later period of relationship between Dalí and Gala》


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