Fascinating photos of Dali


1, Dali & Lambs

Do you remember the movie "The Silence of the Lambs (or of the Innocent) " ? Advertising in the poster had been on the lips of the actress Jodie Foster a butterfly which had a curiosity not detected by all. 


Only a few people do appreciate the genius of its author. It is not a normal skull. This is a work of Salvador Dali using the bodies of seven naked women. It was called "IN VOLUPTAS MORS" , a work that was done in 1951 with the help of photographer Philippe Halsman.


Shooting site


Almost finished


2, Dali do a book signing

Photo taken by Philippe Halsman

The fruits of Dali’s artistic labor and influence can be seen in his very well-attended 1963 book signing that had Dali smiling and screaming from ear-to-ear—or moustache-to-moustache, rather. The scene was captured with a fisheye lens by Philippe Halsman for Magnum Photos.


3, Narcissus Dali

Dali in his portraits is rarely seen in calm.


Narcissus Dali(2) Another portrait with Narcissus, but in a crazier mood, such contrast with the portrait above is intriguing.


4. Dali as a student

Dali’s student card in the Academia de San Fernando, no moustache is found on him then.


Young Dali, would the girl be his schoolmate or his lover?