Modern and Contemporary Ink Art - Wong Kai Wai Solo Exhibition


Written by Gallery Founder, Christina Tung


I first met Wong Kai Wai at the studio of Master Lam Tian Xing in 2012. He could then be regarded as my fellow school mate under the pupillage of Mr. Lam. He has a solid foundation from various styles of art such as sketching, oil painting and Chinese ink painting. His role as a student and a teacher at the same time is probably the reason that he advances rapidly in ink study. As he is on both the learning and the teaching ends, the time needed to further his exploration is shortened relatively speaking. However, that does not mean his creations came to be out of pure luck. His hard work, earnestness, and his dedication to pursue art and develop “Floating Energy” series are what make his works so touching and moving.

What is more, Wong Kai Wai is a man of honor. He is generous and willing to help out friends in the artistic circle. One of the many reasons I cherish him as a friend lies in his persistence in pursuing art. There aren’t many young adults who have the tenacity to keep going and who do come through eventually. The path to art per se is not easy. It could be difficult particularly for someone who does not come from a wealthy family. That is also why I appreciate his perseverance in following the path he chose for himself even with the hardship that came along. My memorable piece of Wong Kai Wai’s painting was the clownfish with big and bright eyes which are alike to his. That was when I realized Wong Kai Wai’s deep affection for the ocean. I could still recall years ago when I went to visit his original “Floating Energy” monochrome series exhibition at PMQ. I would say those were at an experimental stage. With that said, his works, including his original “Floating Molecules Wrinkle” method, arrangement and composition, are far more sophisticated now with all the efforts he put in over the last few years. I feel like it is time for them to go public.


Despite the novel techniques in his works, they share the aesthetics with traditional paintings. His hand and brush have to remain stable and balanced at all time in the course of creation. Only when a person unites himself spiritually and mindfully like Wong Kai Wai does could he form each and every single stroke into tiny dots. Indeed, Wong Kai Wai puts his heart and soul into his works. The unspeakable power of the universe and the mystery of the ocean are therefore laid out on a piece of rice paper, revealing an ever-intensifying force. Unknowingly, we would be under such influence and become spirited and energetic as we take a closer look at his works. Art like this is hard to come by!

I have always admired artists who has the unwavering will to follow through on the path to art as Wong Kai Wai does. It takes great virtues and modesty for an artist to make creations carrying the significance of integration of nature and mankind. Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warmest congratulations to Wong Kai Wai and his first solo exhibition.