Drifting Time – Solo Exhibition of Liu Cheng Mui

   In《Drifting Time – Solo Exhibition of Liu Cheng Mui》,  the most representative works of Liu Cheng Mui in various styles she explored in the past decade will be featured. 

   Liu Cheng Mui is one of the most educated and talented, yet modest Hong Kong artists. After her one year study in The Central Academy of Fine Arts , she was awarded with scholarship to study abroad in former Soviet Union, and became lecturer in the Central Academy of Fine Arts afterward. We are delighted to be featuring significant artworks of such a high profile artist in this coming exhibition.

   Liu Cheng Mui specializes in oil painting and lithography. The way Liu's works present intersection of reality and virtual is highly characteristic. Her technique, which is both realistic and figurative, fuses perfectly with the abstract images. Liu focuses on art production and education recently, and actively participate in art education with disabilities.