Joint Exhibition of Calligraphy by Luo Fu, Cheng Pei-kai & Qin Lingxue

Cheer Bell Gallery is honored to be featuring 3 masters who are highly representative as poet, scholar and calligrapher in Asia in 《Joint Exhibition of Calligraphy by Luo Fu, Cheng Pei-kai & Qin Lingxue》. Do not miss this excellent opportunity to visit 3 masters's calligraphic works at the same time!


Calligrapher Introduction

Luo Fu is the penname of Mo Luofu, who was born in Hengyang, Hunan Province in 1928. Luo is a world- known poet, the most representative poet in Asia, a Nobel Prize nominee, and the most famous modern poet of Taiwan. While stationed in southern Taiwan in 1954, he co-founded the Epoch Poetry Society with Zhang Mo and Ya Xian and served as editor of the association’s Epoch Poetry Quarterly for more than a decade. n recent years he has become a calligrapher of note, holding exhibitions in North America and Asia. Luo Fu has been a controversial figure in the many literary debates that have shaped the evolution of modern Chinese poetry. His poetry has been immensely influential in Taiwan and China. 

Professor Pei-kai Cheng, Ph.D in Chinese Cultural History from Yale University (1980) and John King Fairbank Post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard University(1981). Since 1998 he had been Professor of Chinese Culture and the founding Director of Chinese Civilisation Centre at City University of Hong Kong. He is now serving as President of Chinese Culture Institute and Chairman of Hong Kong SAR Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee. He was awarded the Medal of Honour by the Hong Kong Government in 2016.

Qinlingxue was born in Nan’an, Fujian Province in 1941. His publications include poetry collection Bronze Cymbals and Instrument, The Bright Moon is Silent; lyrics Meteor Swarm; short poem Meteor which was selected as a teaching material for some institutes, colleges and universities in Guangzhou, and more. He was awarded the first prize for poetry creation of Fujian Province with the poems group Dream in July in December 1995. 


Details of《Joint Exhibition of Calligraphy by Luo Fu, Cheng Pei-kai & Qin Lingxue》

Vernissage︰14th January, 2017; 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Date     ︰14th January to 25th February , 2017

Venue    ︰Cheer Bell Gallery, Rm 3E, 3/F, Phase 2, Superluck Industrial Centre,   

                 57 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong

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