Paul Lam Charity Art Exhibition

Paul LamCharity Art Exhibition


9 - 15 December 2018


Opening Reception

9 December 2018 (Sun)  4 - 6 pm



Cheer Bell Gallery and MGCY Charity Fund are pleased to present an exhibition of recent paintings by Paul Lam, inaugurating the gallery’s space in Wong Chuk Hang. This will be the artist’s first solo show in Hong Kong and his first collaboration with Cheer Bell Gallery.


“Paul Lam Charity Art Exhibition” includes Chinese calligraphy and large-scale works that feature three main themes such as flower, bird and landscape. With the use of traditional Chinese ink painting technique, Lam depicts the idyllic scenery on rice paper. The sense of happiness and contentment are presented through his landscape and animals, which also reminds viewers to always stay grateful for life.


Lam mainly adopts Gongbi with the technique of splashing colour in his ink painting. In Back Home (2017) illustrates resting birds under the moonlight in spring. Each bird has its own demeanour: waving wings, pecking feathers and cuddling with each other. Their natural habitat is the most comfortable place for the birds to rest after a long day of travelling, and the interactions have also allowed the birds to relieve their fatigue.


All artworks in this exhibition will be for sale publicly. 100% entire sales proceed (without subtracting any expenses) generated by Cheer Bell Gallery and Paul Lam via this exhibition will be donated to MGCY Charity Fund for charity usage.  The funding will be used in three areas such as sponsoring free Chinese medication for elderly by Hong Kong Banyan Services Association and 2019 Financial Aid for Children of Workers from Other Provinces Working in Dongguan as well as free daily lunch box for the underprivileged and elderly services.


MGCY Charity Fund is founded by Paul Lam and Hugh Wong in 2016. It aims to bring positive energy to society with music and arts and to build a harmonious community by providing care services to elderly and children.


Paul Lam (b.1948) was born in Cambodia, then moved to Vietnam. He now lives in Hong Kong. Lam has been studying traditional Chinese ink painting and Chinese calligraphy since he was young. After his retirement, he started his apprenticeship with Liu Zhao Jun, Lam Tian Xing and Lam Wu Fui in order to improve his skills and techniques in ink painting. The works of Lam were exhibited in Hong Kong City Hall. His publications includes Paul Lam Collection (林建欽作品集) and Ink Collection (墨寶隨意集).