《View from St. Petersburg》 First exhibition of Artists and Professors from The Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg in Hong Kong

Cheer Bell Gallery is honored to present the first joint exhibition of the captioned 4 top class Russian artists in Hong Kong, featuring 30 oil paintings and 26 lithographs. This exhibition is probably among the best Russian exhibitions in Hong Kong in the past decade.

Artists Introduction

1.  Dmitry Dergunov was born in 1961. Since 1988 he became a lecturer of Department of Drawing, Faculty of Painting of the institute under the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. He is one of the few Russian artists who is well known across Europe and works are kept in many private and state collections of Russia, USA, England, Germany, France, Japan and Lithuania.

2.  Aleksandr Fedorov was born in 1979.  He was awarded the gold medal of the Russian Academy of Arts & the title of the Honored Artist of the Chuvash Republic in 2003 and 2012 respectively.  His works are in both private collections and of the State Hermitage, the Chuvash State Art Museum, the Novocheboksarsk’s State Art Museum and the Kirishi Museum (Leningrad region) etc.

3.  Oleg Mikhailov was born in 1981.  He was a lecturer at the chair of drawing of St Petersburg state art-industrial Academy A.L. Stieglitz 2009-2011.  His artwork was collected by the President of the Russian Federation at residence “Hills-9” and dedicated to Olympics SOCHI 2014. and the National Palace of Congresses in the Strelna Palace.

4.  Aleksey Sokolov was born in 1981 in a family of hereditary artists. His great-grandfather Konstantin Sokolov was a painter. Grandfather, Alexey Sokolov was a professor of the Academy of Fine Arts and his father, Leonid A. Sokolov  was an Honored Artist of Russia. His teachers are all famous artists.  Currently he teaches at the Russian Academy of Arts.


Exhibition Details

Vernissage : Saturday, 22th October, 2016, 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Date            : Saturday, 22th October to Monday, 14th November, 2016

Time           : Mondays to Saturdays 10:00 am – 6:00 pm ; Sundays & Public Holidays by appointment only

Venue         : Cheer Bell Gallery, Room 3E, 3/F, Phase 2, Superluck Industrial Centre,

                     57 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, NT, HK