Artist Jian's work "Red and Blue" @ Special Exhibition “Le Jardin à Fine Art Asia”


Artist Jian's work "Red and Blue" has been selected into the specially curated exhibition “Le Jardin à Fine Art Asia” at Fine Art Asia 2023, Hall 3C of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


The special exhibition is a youthful and vibrant interpretation of antique collecting, presenting a range of antiques and artworks with a garden theme and the integration of artificial intelligence. Inspired by the symbolism of a garden, the special exhibition is dedicated to new audiences who are enthusiastic about exploring art collecting. A garden is often the first place we are exposed to the beauty of nature. It represents a microcosm of the vast diversity and grandeur that nature can offer. Whether one is looking to experience the intricacies of craftsmanship, touch the historical traces of antiquities, or simply appreciate the artworks at a close distance, we believe that one will discover hidden treasures in the exhibition that are available at a reasonable price and exceed one’s expectations. We hope this exhibition can kindle the passion for art collecting in aspiring collectors.